Getting that Nature fix
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A while back, I read a fantastic book by Florence Williams. The Nature Fix. To sum up briefly, it about how scientists across the world are getting more and more data on how we, humans, get so much better (measurable) lives out of spending just a bit of time in nature. For instance, walking under trees for half an hour, will improve your amount of natural killer cells. They are the ones fighting cancer.

Using data like this, blows my mind! My mantra, when designing spaces is often to dissolve the border between inside and outside. Who knows, maybe it’s not just design, but also vital for a better life..

Check out the book HERE

Anders Barslund
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In this article Ellen Bennet gives her pro tips for organizing your kitchen like a pro. She has some great-looking inexpensive tricks. She has a lot of easy to adapt tricks that will help your kitchen work and function better.

You can find the article in the New York Times HERE

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It’s always interesting to see new technology that changes the way we think about how we live and use the spaces in our homes. This articles about the possibility of us not using stoves in our kitchens in the future sparked some interesting thoughts,

The placement of the stove dictates a lot about how we use our kitchens. As more people are looking for open kitchen-dining rooms and cooking is increasingly a group activity for couples and families, the importance of flexible work space in our kitchens increases. I am excited to see how this technology advances - maybe we’ll be cooking at the table together soon.

Roma Chatham
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We are all in on the latest Dinesen initiative.

The tree, ash, is dying in great numbers at the moment. In stead of scrapping entire forests, Dinesen has commeted to utilizing it in stead. Their PLAY IT FORWARD (movie reference) initiative plays right into some of the designs needs we've had at the studio. The older ash, develops a brown core, just like I am getting plenty of gray hairs too.

The look and the feel of this plank is matured and full of character. Just what we need, when working wiht few subtle materials in the Scandinavian design tradition.

We're all in on the PLAY IT FORWARD

Anders Barslunddinesen, ash, wood

Anders is reading the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

It's a great introduction to whom we are as a species, how we work as animals, individuals and society.

A point on how we've, as a species, grown to be the top predator almost too fast, and what our reaction pattern is when challenged, is fantastic knowledge to bring into any bespoke renovation project.

The book is well written, and the pace is just right for those late evenings outside screen time.