My passion + my brain = true architecture

Therefore, my passion is to discover ways to design spaces that feed into this primal need we have to be out in nature, where we can feel at peace; at home.

The architectural history I’m referring to shows us that these same concepts were toyed with during the transition from unique constructions to mass-produced uniformity. We (architects) still work with them, but as the engineers of mass production displace us from more and more of our historical work areas  (a development that all professions can relate to– it is the very premise of industrialisation, after all), we - and by ‘we’ I mean you, me and society in general – have forgotten to incorporate nature into our lives and to relate our creations to what makes us human. As a society, we have built a culture in which we have forgotten to consider how the spaces in which we work and live truly make us feel. What I want you to feel is not the layout and design –those are just the consumer goods. Rather, my aim is to weave these seven patterns together in a way that allows your mind to feel the same inspiration, relief, comfort, excitement, and sense of being that it does in nature. 

We are learning more and more about the brain. It is only in recent years that consumers have been able to buy simple and portable brainwave headsets to scan brainwaves. So really, it’s only very recently that brain researchers, and researchers in general, have been able to see what goes on in the brain when it’s out in nature!

How crazy is that!?